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Ghost Lightning

Ghost Lightning Cover

Alex McTehan is pilot with a chip on his shoulder. He’s also the best F18 Hornet ‘driver’ of his carrier squadron and the only chance they have of winning this year’s Red Flag trophy.

Red Flag – Joint Services Aerospace Warfare Readiness Exercise. Ten days out of every year, the best pilots and ground crews from the five branches; Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines, come together to test their skills against each other in multiple defensive and offensive aerial combat scenarios.

For the winner: The Red Flag Trophy and entry into a rare pantheon of legends.

For the loser: Ridicule and Disgrace. And even the occasional fatality.

After faking his death in a spectacular mid-air collision at the Red Flag finals, Alex McTehan found himself recruited into a secret sixth branch of the US military run by a shadowy organization known only as Majestic. He may be their best pilot yet but he's going to have to be more than that if he's going to be the one to stop...that alien invasion.