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Welcome, weary Traveller

Rest and warm your hands by the fire. Let me tell you a story...

About the Author – Kelvin Kwa

The name of your guide is Kelvin Kwa, a 45 year  old fanboy from Malaysia who has lived in Australia for the past 33 years and is well travelled. I guess that makes me elderly...okay, middle aged and a little exotic. None of the above particularly qualifies me to shepherd you through the hours of entertaining escapism that you will likely encounter as you take these first steps down the road of my imagination. Except for the fact that it is my imagination, honed and nurtured by a lifetime spent watching movies, reading books, collecting comics and playing video games. The passions for these have moved beyond mere consumption to become a desire to create and share with you, dear reader, the stories inside my mind. There are far. Apex Predator is the first. ..... [ full bio ]